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Caveat Lector

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Minion of the Universe
This is the alternate LJ of thefourthvine; herein, you will find fan fiction, memes, blathering, and a select assortment of the random things that spontaneously generate in my brain while I'm trying to remember what day it is.

Obligatory Warning: Caveat lector. I write stories featuring characters and settings that don't belong to me. And although I mostly write gen, I also write slash, femslash, and het; these stories may be quite explicit (especially if I have a co-author who can actually write smut). If you don't know what slash is, or any of the aforementioned might bother you, harm you, or get you (or me) in trouble, move along, innocent one. This corner of LJ is not the place for you.

Obligatory Friending Policy: By all means, friend me. I will rejoice.

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